Aalyah Mysterio & Murphy Kiss On Friday Night Smackdown

WWE had been building up a romantic storyline between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy. Some fans do not like the storyline due to Aalyah being 19 and Murphy 31. However, it seems the storyline further progressed this week on Friday Night Smackdown.

During the show, Aalyah and Murphy walked out to the ring together. Murphy apologized to Rey and Dominik for what he had done. He then invited them to come out but they did not.

Instead, Seth Rollins came out and said that Rey and Dominik will never accept Murphy and Aalyah together, but “I will, always. I will accept you for what you are, and I will forgive you.”

Following Rollins’ promo, Dominik Mysterio attacked Rollins but Seth managed to turn the tables. Murphy ended up saving Dominik but Dominik then started beating up Murphy. Rey Mysterio then came out and attacked Murphy as well.

Aalyah then said “I’m not going with you, dad, I love him!” and did not leave with her family. She kissed Murphy in the ring and held each other.


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