Adam Cole Pulled From NXT Tour, Matt Riddle Shoots On Dana White

WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole was pulled from the current NXT Midwest tour, reports Dave Meltzer. Cole hasn’t wrestled in several weeks and has been wearing a cast on his right wrist. WWE Now listed Cole as to suffering from an arm injury during this week’s show. Matt Camp stated Cole has a fracture in his right arm and is questionable to defend the title against Riddle.

Despite this, WWE is still advertising Cole to defend the title against Matt Riddle on next week’s NXT episode on the USA Network, which will be the full two-hour debut for the show.

Speaking of Riddle, UFC President Dana White stated the following about him in an interview with

“I’ve heard interviews with Matt Riddle and he’s very fired up about being let go and everything,” White said. “At that place and time where we were, it was the right move. But I’m happy for him. I’m happy he’s been successful and he’s doing well. I don’t wish the kid any ill will.

“I don’t hate Matt Riddle or dislike Matt Riddle in any way. I know he feels the opposite, as he should. But I don’t wish him any ill will or anything like that, but no, I don’t regret the decision I made at that time.”

Riddle responded with this on Instagram:

“Dana I’m not mad that you fired me I’m mad because you’re a heartless moron with to much money and power and felt the need to call me a loser after you fired me when I was on a 4 fight win streak and had my 3rd child almost bankrupting me. Also to say it was the right call to fire me is the dumbest thing ever, you literally tried to ruin my career/life because your a little bald bitch that couldn’t control me, so stop lying it’s sad bro.”


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