AJ Styles & Braun Strowman Talk About New Contracts With WWE

AJ Styles stated the following during an appearance on Lilian Garcia’s podcast about his new contract with WWE:

“I had no doubt that you know this is what I was going to do for my career,” Styles said h/t Fightful.com. “It really was. And you couldn’t have told me any different. And I can tell you that the contract that I signed, here in the WWE, is my last. This is it for me. This is where I’m going to end my career no matter what happens. I got to, you know? I want to be there for my kids.”

Braun Strowman’s WWE contract nearly ran out, here’s what he told Fightful.com:

On his contract nearly expiring: “It was just winding down, I had a little over a month left on my contract and we just came to an agreement. I felt like both sides of the party were happy and we look forward to four more years of people getting these hands.”

On the news not leaking: “It does (surprise me). I try to keep my business life as quiet as possible. I hate it when people outside of the business know what I’m doing before I know what I’m doing. So it’s kind of cool that we were able to keep that hush-hush and nobody stooged it off to the dirt sheets like so many of these marks like to do!”

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