AJ Styles On WWE Taking Over WWE Superstars’ Twitch Accounts

WWE will be taking over the Twitch and Cameo accounts of WWE Superstars in less than four weeks. This decision was met with a lot of backlash, but many Superstars have already started to comply with the rules.

AJ Styles recently spoke during his own Twitch stream regarding WWE’s decision to take ownership of the accounts. He revealed he came to know of this online just like everyone else did. He was disappointed in the company.

Styles explained that the Superstars do not earn millions from their Twitch accounts. Twitch allows them to interact with fans, which the COVID-19 pandemic took away. He wants to let fans know how it is not all “doom and gloom.”

“Nobody is on here making millions on Twitch. We are not pro gamers. That’s not what is happening. I feel like, for us, it’s an opportunity to do what we love – play video games and interact with our fans. It’s a chance to appreciate you guys appreciating us – that’s basically what’s going on. Especially with what’s going on in the world. We don’t get to see you guys anymore unless you’re on the video screen in the ThunderDome.”

“We don’t get to see you; we don’t get to talk to you; we don’t get to do much. This is the next best thing. I don’t know what they’re hoping to get out of this. The communication has not been as great as we’d like. There’s a lot of us who are all on the same page – we’ve talked to each other. We’re facing the same thing. It’s all doom and gloom or, ‘Oh, that’s all they want.’ I feel like this is an opportunity for me and my channel to say, ‘This is what’s really going on’ and debunk some stupid rumors that are going on.”


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