Alberto Del Rio Says He Was Abused By Paige In Relationship

Alberto Del Rio and Paige had a very public break up long ago. Paige recently opened up about her relationship with him, where she said that he did horrible things to her and abused her. However, that is not what Alberto thinks.

TMZ Sports talked to Alberto Del Rio regarding his relationship with Paige. Del Rio denied the abuse allegations made against him and said that it was he who was abused by her. He also apparently has evidence.

“It was the other way around. I have the evidence. Not just words.”

“I would say Raya, why? Why? Why are you doing this Raya? And, I’m not calling you Paige because you were never Paige to me, you were Raya.”

“Why would you hurt me in a moment like this?”

It was also reported that he is considering taking her to court over her allegations.

Del Rio says he’s considering taking legal action against Paige for defamation — and issued this comment to her.


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