Alexa Bliss Comments On Murphy And Aalyah Mysterio’s Romance Angle In WWE

One of the top storylines on Monday Night RAW currently feature Seth Rollin’s follower Murphy and Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah being involved in a romantic storyline. The storyline further progressed on this week’s RAW.

Murphy’s real-life ex-fiance Alexa Bliss commented on this. Bliss and Murphy called off their engagement in 2018 and she is currently in a relationship with Ryan Cabrera now. Bliss revealed she is totally behind Murphy ”shooting his shot” with Aalyah.

Bliss took to Twitter and said: “Honestly I don’t blame him lol”

It seems her comments drew a mixed reaction from fans. Some fans went after her for her comments. In response Bliss sent the following tweets:

“Try to make one comment supporting my ex & now I’m the bad guy”

“Do I Know her or her age? No. Was I trying to be supportive of Murphy? Yes. Back off and calm down ppl. Just happy Murphy is getting the success he’s worked for. That’s all ??‍♀️ be bothered by something else”

“Absolutely. I agree that I should be held responsible for the storylines my ex-boyfriend receives at work.
Anything else I can take care of as well?”


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