Andrew Yang On AEW’s Approach To Talent Compared To WWE

Chris Van Vliet interviewed former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang about his strong stance against WWE’s classification of their performers as independent contractors.

Yang made his point that if WWE is going to control everything about a performer, they should take some responsibility to take care of them. He indicated he got a note from an unnamed performer that it’s time someone called out Vince McMahon for this. He stated if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election in November, he may be able to be in a position to do something about it.

Yang revealed it infuriated him that Vince McMahon would not allow for a talent to “make a buck” on Cameo.

Andrew compared this to the way AEW treats their talent by giving them freedom and they seem to be very well taken care of. He credited the ownership structure. He explained WWE is the top down Vince-empire and you have no choice, compared to the AEW performer-led alternative. He stated he was thrilled to hear from AEW performers who feel great about it.

Van Vliet asked him what can change. Yang said WWE has a choice. Treat performers like independent contracts and let them do what they want or treat them like their employees, like they are. He explained this is accomplished by introducing real benefits including a real union or professional association and real negotiation. He said a real transformation has been long overdue but Vince has managed to always keep the ball moving without change.

You can watch the complete interview embedded above.


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