Backstage News On “Chaos” At WWE Raw Tapings

WWE is taping another two weeks of Monday Night Raw today from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

There appear to be issues per Gary Cassidy of Sports Keeda. Cassidy hears the shows are unprepared due to chaos from the top. Tonight’s episode is changing on the fly, while the second is incomplete. There is reportedly a lot of indecisiveness with Vince McMahon being described as volatile.

Both Raw and SmackDown have had their fair share of re-writes and changes on the fly lately but Cassidy hears things are wilder than usual.

We have a complete preview of tonight’s WWE Raw at this link.

Richard Reacts: I am not throwing cold water on this report but let us all take a deep breath. It is not atypical for there to be re-writes the day of the show. There have been multiple times over the last decade where shows are still being written when they go LIVE on the USA Network. That is not a problem with these shows and they are in a controlled environment without a crowd. “Chaos” and “unprepared” are popular terms to write in a pro wrestling report but I would not get too worked up about it. Vince is building towards SummerSlam while filming six hours of Raw in one shot. I am sure things are a little tense but let’s not act like the brand is crumbling.


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