Backstage News On Impact Overpaying For Two Former WWE Stars

When Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were released by WWE in April, many assumed there would be strong interest from AEW for their services. AEW had made a very lucrative offer last year at a time when AEW was spending millions trying to sign as many high profile free agents as they could.

This time around though, there was no interest from AEW at all, leaving Impact Wrestling as the only serious offer for their services.

The lack of interest from AEW was twofold. Hard feelings still remained from the fact that AEW was passed over to begin with, but Tony Khan has also been told by his father to curb spending due to the COVID-19 virus negatively impacting many of the family’s businesses.

The loose purse strings AEW exhibited just last year could be a thing of the past, at least for now.

With WWE deciding that Gallows and Anderson weren’t worth the big money WWE spent to win last year’s bidding war and AEW deciding to not even make an attempt to sign them this year, it begs the question of why Impact Wrestling would offer Gallows and Anderson substantial money when there were no other serious bidders?


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