Backstage News On Matt Sydal’s Botched AEW Debut

Matt Sydal’s AEW debut at All Out went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Sydal slipped while attempting a shooting star press and was fortunate to avoid a serious injury in a very scary situation.

As first reported here on Insider on September 8, Sydal was in talks with WWE before COVID-19, but a deal was never reached. He had been largely inactive over the past six months.

A source close to Sydal claimed he had complained to friends after All Out that he felt ill prepared for the appearance, having been given very little notice.

Who else was being considered for the surprise spot by AEW is unknown as of this writing, but Sydal privately claimed he wasn’t confirmed to appear until the morning of the show and blamed the short notice for his nervousness. He was booked for a one time appearance, but the appearance could have led to more opportunities had he impressed AEW officials.

With his AEW debut being compared to WCW’s debut of the Shockmaster, it remains to be seen if and when Sydal will be brought back.

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