Backstage News On Raw Rewrites, Raw Underground Matches Changed

Word going around last night was that several re-writes were made to the Monday Night Raw script with the final script going out at 9pm ET, one hour into the broadcast.

This isn’t a huge surprise and is something that has happened numerous times in the past. It’s also being reported that Vince McMahon arrived to the ThunderDome an hour before showtime and made even more tweaks.

These changes seemed to have affected plans for Raw Underground. WWE had advertised Dolph Ziggler vs. Ivar, but instead aired Bobby Lashley destroying competitors, including Ziggler and Ivar. Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, Titus O’Neil, and Riddick Moss also reportedly taped Underground matches, but those may air next week instead.

Regarding the Payback match card, the original plans have remained in tact for those matches so far. Expect the card to be fleshed out on SmackDown as only four matches have been announced as of this writing.

Stay tuned to for the latest.


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