Backstage News On WWE’s Taping Schedule This Week, Pre-Taped WrestleMania?

WWE is working rigorously this week at the Performance Center to pre-tape new episodes of their shows through WrestleMania.

PWInsider reports that even WrestleMania itself is being pre-taped this week.

Below is the reported taping schedule in place:

* WWE taped two episodes of SmackDown and two episodes of 205 Live on Saturday

* On Sunday, new material for NXT will be taped

* On 3/23, Monday Night Raw will air live

* WWE will tape two episodes of Raw on Tuesday for 3/30 and 4/6

* WWE will tape portions of WrestleMania 36 on Wednesday and Thursday

Obviously this is just a report that has circulated around with several sources stating it’s accurate. Stay tuned for the latest developments.


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