Big Cass To Return To WWE Without Enzo?

Big Cass did an interview with where he confirmed he has been in talks with WWE about a return.

“Yes, [WWE and I] have been in contact. I talk to them,” Cass said. “Who knows what will happen? I could get a call tomorrow, so I’ve been in contact with them and we chat on a regular basis. But nothing is concrete yet, so we’ll see what happens.”

“I could see [my singles push] coming for a long time. I had been told by a lot of people backstage that I was going to be moving to singles,” Cass said. “I guess it was weird, but right off the bat, I injured my ACL. And then I came back and there’s no Enzo. So, even if I wanted to go consult with somebody and be like, ‘Hey, this is what they have me doing tonight,’ I had no one to talk to. I was kind of on my own right from the get-go when I got back from that injury.”

“Enzo texted me earlier that day and said, ‘Yo!’ and then he sent me some screenshots, and I was like, ‘How? Why?’ It didn’t make any sense,” Cass explained. “Like, we haven’t talked to them, we hadn’t even opened dialogue with them. And then those reports came out and me and him were both shocked. It didn’t make any sense at that point in time.

“I don’t know who put it out there,” Cass continued. “I don’t know what reason they put it out there for but maybe to gauge things, but I can guarantee you this – despite what Triple H said, Enzo didn’t put it out there, I didn’t put it out there. We had no idea where it came from.”


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