Big E On Which WWE Superstar Gave Him His Finishing Move

Big E is now a singles star on Friday Night Smackdown after his New Day brethren were drafted to Monday Night RAW.

Big E signed with WWE back in 2009 via a development contract. He then spent a few years learning the ropes in FCW and NXT until he made his way onto the main roster, working alongside Dolph Ziggler.

He recently appeared on the After The Bell podcast, where he revealed a few Superstars who helped him in his career. He revealed that former WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins helped him get his Big Ending finishing move.

My only finisher I’ve ever used is The Big Ending, and I remember Curt Hawkins gave that to me, this had to be in 2009. It was called The Body Bag, and he showed it to me.” recalled Big E, “I forgot how we came up with The Big Ending. I remember Darren Young getting in the ring with me a little bit, showing me how to gorilla press.”


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