Bischoff’s AEW Future, McMahon Taking Risks Without Fans, Respect Mickie James And Natalya, Orton Surging As Legend Killer

What is Eric Bischoff’s future in AEW following his appearance on last week’s episode of Dynamite?

First, I thought it was neat seeing Eric Bischoff back on a wrestling show on TNT. As someone who grew up on WCW Monday Nitro, I love getting the chance to feel nostalgic. I will never forget Tony Schiavone’s first call with AEW and it is great seeing him work with AEW each week. It was cool seeing Bischoff on the show and it was a per shot thing. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no discussions about Bischoff going to work for AEW in any other capacity. He is also on the record as to saying he has no interest in working on the company’s creative team and they are on a roll right now (which they are!).

Seth Rollins recently stated no one would have scoffed at the Eye for an Eye Match during the Attitude Era. Do you agree?

My personal opinion on the Eye for an Eye stipulation was that Vince McMahon saw an opportunity for an over-the-top gimmick because he did not have a live audience to hold him accountable. (To be clear, I understand it has been said McMahon had minimal involvement but he did book the final shot and obviously had the final say on this.) I believe the match aired live at The Horror Show from Extreme Rules but I just do not see him risking that with real live fans at ringside. It was over-the-top, most fans did not buy it but it did get WWE a mention on TMZ. I am not big on gimmicks, I understand it was a gimmick show, but there are other ways that could have gotten the program over. Had Rollins vs. Mysterio been an Extreme Rules Match; the reviews would have been glowing. The follow-up stuff with Murphy, Rollins and Dominik Mysterio has been very well done.

Mickie James is back and is set to face Natalya next week on Raw. Should these women be getting a shot when there are so many others that are not used weekly?

Both Natalya and Mickie James helped lay the groundwork for the success we have seen in women’s wrestling. Yes, it was ushered in by Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch but let us give credit to the women that came before them. Nattie is one of the greatest female workers of all time and Mickie James has more than paid her dues. I absolutely think they deserve the chance to be part of this and am not against them being featured what-so-ever. They still have it and should get the chance to partake in something they were a big part in establishing.

How can you put over Randy Orton’s segment on Raw? I found it sickening and hard to watch a 71-year-old man get beat up like that.

I put it over because it continued one of the best heel runs we have seen in quite some time. If you walked away from that segment disgusted, even finding it hard to watch, it worked to perfection. Randy Orton has had a great career but he has never had a run like this. He is over like over as a heel and if there was a live crowd, they would have went nuts. Stop getting so offended and realize this is part of the business and this is an edge WWE needs.

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