Booker T Discusses CM Punk Return To TV Rumors

Booker T, who will be hosting WWE’s new WWE Backstage studio show on FS1, commented about rumors of CM Punk doing screen tests with Renee Young for the show.

“Going back to WWE, my thing is it must have been the best kept secret FOX ever pulled off. It must have been one of those deals — [On a rumor that CM Punk was brought in to do a screentest with Renee Young and Booker T] Now, you know what? The one I read said that he was brought in to do test shots with Renee Young. No Booker T. I know nothing about this at all.”

“Look man. Me and Punk, you know, we had no beef or anything like that when he was in WWE. I remember when I brought CM Punk down to Reality of Wrestling when he was a young, young kid. And now, he’s a big star now, you know, CM Punk. And for the last five years now, he’s been on a hiatus. You know, he had the MMA run with the UFC. I know he’s doing some commentary now with MMA. And you know, for him to step back into the world of wrestling, it’s something that I never thought I’d see because when CM Punk, he seemed like that guy that when stepped away from it, he said, ‘I’m done with professional wrestling, and I never want to see a professional wrestler ring ever again.”

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer also reflected on Punk’s departure from WWE:

“He actually pretty much went in in seclusion. He pretty much deleted all of his contacts from all of his buddies in the business or anything like that. I remember some of the guys — I remember one of the guys, I mean actually one guy, Corey Graves, was real cool with CM Punk, and Corey was real hot at him because he deleted him [Graves]. And he said, ‘I don’t want to talk to this guy anymore.’ I don’t know what it was. *Laughs* I think it was the tattoos! I think it was the tattoos.”

“You know, if I saw Corey Graves, you know what I’d do to him. I’d slap him up. I’d slap him up real good. That’s just because I don’t like the guy. You know what I mean? It doesn’t matter where we was in. It could be in Whole Foods. If I see this guy, I’d slap him up. That’s another story.”

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