Braun Strowman Calls Out “Fake News” Regarding AEW

There is a report circulating that everyone in WWE except for Roman Reigns have reached out to All Elite Wrestling in some capacity about potential work.

We already explained how things like this get out in today’s Ask WNC but one WWE Superstar has taken the time to respond.

WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman took aim at wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, who the story is attributed to, in his Instagram story. Below is a screen capture:

Photo credit – Braun Strowman on Instagram

Richard Reacts: Like we talked about in Ask WNC, there is nothing wrong with talent putting feelers out to see what their earning potential is elsewhere. The way this “report” circulated was that people were so unhappy in WWE they were lining up to leave for AEW. Not everyone is Jon Moxley and not everyone who works in WWE hates it there. Some people, especially the IWC, prefer AEW over WWE, so they’ll write/say anything that spins WWE in a negative light. Let us also cut Dave a break. A lot of stuff gets attributed to him that was never what he actually reported.


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