Brock Lesnar Might Be Done With WWE For Good

Brock Lesnar was unable to defend the WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania 36 as he lost to Drew McIntyre. Since then he has not been seen on WWE television. WWE and Lesnar failed to finalize a deal by the time they were contractually allowed to sell merchandise in his name. WWE still tried to keep the trademark they had on his name.

According to a report by Heel By Nature, WWE’s trademark on Brock Lesnar’s name has been cancelled. The United States Patent and Trademark Office terminated the trademark on Lesnar’s name following WWE refusing to adhere to the request for proper documentation.

The trademark was filed on January 9th for Lesnar’s name, stating that it would be used in “entertainment services by a professional wrestler.” The trademark was rejected on March 12th as they needed further documentation.

The company were given six months to provide proper documentation for the trademark, but they were unable to do so. The filing was abandoned on October 2nd.

Due to this, it seems likely that Brock Lesnar might not be returning to WWE anytime soon.


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