Charlotte Flair Reportedly Taking Extended Time Off From WWE

Charlotte Flair is going to be away from WWE for an extended amount of time, but there’s conflicting reports on when she will be back.

WWE ran an angle on Monday’s Raw where Nia Jax injured Charlotte Flair’s shoulder. This was done to write Charlotte out of storylines for the foreseeable future as she’s reportedly set to have surgery, per The Wrestling Observer.

PWInsider reports that this is an elective surgery that will have her out for six weeks, but there’s no word yet on what she is going under the knife for.

The Observer says Flair will be back for SummerSlam, however talkSPORT claims Charlotte could actually be taking time off for the rest of the year and make her return by Royal Rumble season.

It’s hard to say which report is most accurate at this time. WWE is very high up on Charlotte, hence her recent run on both Raw and NXT, and she was slated to remain at the top of the card with Asuka in the wake of Becky Lynch’s absence.

Stay tuned to for the latest on Charlotte Flair’s status.


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