CM Punk Admits He Doesn’t Watch AEW Dynamite

CM Punk does not watch AEW Dynamite.

In new comments during an appearance on WGN, Punk admitted he still does not watch wrestling but gave his thoughts on the new upstart promotion airing weekly on TNT.

“I think it’s great. Yeah, I wish these guys nothing but success,” Punk said h/t “You know, if they’re successful, it will force WWE to be more creative and it’s always better when there’s not just one place to work. You know, it’s better for the wrestlers, it’s better for the fans. I think competition drives industry, so if there’s only one place in town to work, I think the creatives will be lazy. So, hopefully both companies will push each other and make the product better for the fans.”

Dynamite has had success head-to-head against WWE NXT on the USA Network, however, viewership has steadily declined since premiering a couple of weeks ago. We have Punk’s comments embedded in the video above.


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