CM Punk Shoots On WWE Stars Getting Time Off, His Future

Below is a complete recap of CM Punk’s appearance at Starrcast III courtesy of Aaron Rift:

– Punk said it’s flattering that people ask about him coming back and it’s a testament to his accomplishments.

– Regarding All Out or future wrestling appearances, CM Punk said “I’m not going to be anywhere” and has a prior commitment for tonight.

– Punk said life is “pretty fortunate” for him right now and he thanked everyone for supporting him over the years.

– Punk talked about getting into movie roles and how he tends to hate his own work because he hates his voice and face.

– Punk said he doesn’t miss wrestling because he feels like he accomplished everything he wanted to do and had a “pretty cool” career.

– Punk talked about asking Steve Austin to come out and give him a stunner to wrap up a WWE event around 2010. Austin said nobody ever asked him to do that and Punk said Austin started to take a liking to him. Punk said there was a small period where he thought there was a chance of a match between them happening.

– When Mike Johnson mentioned that WWE stars get time off now, CM Punk seemed legitimately surprised. When asked if WWE could have done something different regarding his departure, Punk said “they could’ve talked to me.”

– Punk joked that he would be willing to talk to WWE just to ask for some time off. Punk said he wouldn’t not talk to WWE but it’s not something he’s going out of his way to do. Punk said he is at peace and got over the issues he had with WWE.

– Punk said that he thinks it’s great that WWE is giving talents time off but feels that the company still needs an off-season, better concussion treatment, and better doctors.

– Punk said that by Wrestlemania 29, he realized he wasn’t going to get the top spot so he was just focused on getting paid the most. Punk said he wasn’t mad about facing The Undertaker and felt it was a good match.

– Punk reflected on his time working with Harley Race and told a story about how Race threw up in his car. Race asked for forgiveness and then hugged Punk with puke on his chest.

– Punk talked about his time with ROH and working with Samoa Joe. Punk said “the dude would beat the shit out of you” and said he hopes Joe is happy in WWE.

– Punk talked about heat he had with Tony Atlas years ago but said they have since buried the hatchet. Punk said people that didn’t like him used his heat with Atlas to try and get him in trouble with upper management.

– Punk mentioned that the “ashes” in Paul Bearer’s urn was actually cat litter.

– Punk talked about how he felt Triple H and Vince McMahon never “got him” but he didn’t necessarily think that was a bad thing.

– Punk talked about how he enjoyed working with John Cena and John would let him do whatever he wanted in the ring. Regarding the Money in the Bank PPV, Punk said he didn’t sign his contract until the last minute and the finish wasn’t decided until that point. Punk said Cena let him call the match.

– Punk said he couldn’t beat up anybody in real life but could talk better than anyone else and said “have fun with that one, internet!”

– Punk said he has considered writing a book but feels he would need three and is also tired of being sued.

– Regarding The Rock calling him during a WWE live event, Punk said he was in an elevator walking his dog. Punk said he had 87 messages on his phone and thought someone had died. Punk claimed that WWE wasn’t happy about the call. Punk and Rock exchanged messages and made peace from past issues.

– Punk mentioned that WWE has been using ideas that Punk suggested years ago that were rejected.

– Punk praised Kofi Kingston and said Kofi should’ve been world champion a decade ago but was happy that Kofi’s kids got to see him become champion. Punk was not familiar with New Day’s pancakes routine and had to be explained what it was.

– Punk said fans have the choice to watch whatever wrestling they want and don’t have to be forced to choose a side.

– When Punk realized they were well over time, he joked again that he needs a vacation.

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