Cody Rhodes Admits CM Punk Made AEW Look Like “Dumbasses”

Cody Rhodes said the following in an interview with Collider Live about recent comments CM Punk made about AEW in an interview with ESPN:

“He did kind of make us look like dumbasses, saying we sent him a text offer. I’m sure we texted him, but we also called him. Someone also met him in a coffee shop. We made genuine efforts,” Cody said h/t “In 2019, [he’s had] quite some time away from the ring, we gotta focus on who really wants to be on board with us versus going out and finding someone who perhaps doesn’t want to be part of this. I didn’t really communicate with him further after that. I expected to see him at Starrcast. He gave this great live show where he was great with his answers. I’m sure we’ll run into each other at some point.”

“If he ever wanted to be part of this and had the passion to come back to wrestling, that door is always open. No ego, no situation would ever prevent us from having him come in because the fans have never given up on Punk. Ever.”

Dave Meltzer adds he was told AEW would never work with CM Punk after the ESPN article. Meltzer reports they felt very disrespected by what he said.

We have Cody’s comments embedded above.


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