Cody Weighs In On Dynamite Viewership; Richard Reacts With What’s Concerning

Cody Rhodes weighed in on AEW’s viewership numbers on Twitter:

”We are happy and our partner is happy,” Cody tweeted. “We overshot projections and set a record for a WM debut. This is the era of cord cutting, simulcast and dvr bumps. We are proud of how incredible the numbers have been and know we need to work hard now more than ever.”

You can review AEW Dynamite viewership in our exclusive Viewership Tracker.

Richard Reacts: AEW should be proud of doing over 1 million viewers for each week since premiering on TNT. That’s an outstanding benchmark to hit, especially given they are a new upstart promotion and they have to go up against WWE, albeit their third brand. What is concerning about Dynamite viewership is that it has steadily declined. That means people came in for the hype and are tuning out. They need to reverse that trend in a hurry as they look to grow the product.


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