Contestant On John Cena’s ‘Wipeout’ Show Tragically Passes Away

John Cena is engaged with various things outside of WWE. This includes him being a host on the reboot of the Wipeout show. It seems a tragic incident took place during the latest taping of the show.

As reported by TMZ, a contestant died after finishing up one of Wipeout’s inflatable courses.

The man was said to have been experiencing pains in his chest and required immediate medical attention. He was given on-site treatment until paramedics could make their way to the scene. He suffered a cardiac arrest before that and sadly, passed away when he arrived at the hospital.

The medical team on the Wipeout set were said to have already used a defibrillator on the man to revive him by the time paramedics were there.

Wipeout is said to have safeguards and precautions in place on their set:

“For example, every ‘Wipeout’ contestant undergoes medical exams before participating. There are also 2 paramedics on-site, plus a safety producer and paramedic coordinator.”


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