Contract For Returning WWE Star Considered To Be A “Done Deal”

While former WWE Women’s Champion Melina is set to return imminently to the company, she hadn’t signed her contract yet as of the weekend, a fact which has led to conflicting reports.

Melina, 41, hasn’t been a regular in WWE in nearly a decade. When reports emerged that she had “come to terms” with WWE, she took to social media to deny that she’d signed with WWE, while acknowledging that they had been in talks.

Those talks are very far along, to the point that Melina has been undergoing the wellness protocols new talent must pass when signing with the company.

A source at WWE who spoke to under the condition of anonymity admitted that Melina hadn’t technically signed and was telling the truth on social media, but that it’s considered pretty much a done deal.

Barring any sort of unexpected snag, Melina could be returning to WWE television as soon as this week, although there had been some talk of delaying her return by a few weeks due to the leaks concerning the contract talks.


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