COVID-19 Outbreak Seemingly Took Place In NXT

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the entire world and that includes professional wrestling. In the past few months, several WWE Superstars have tested positive for the coronavirus. WWE’s handling of the situation left much to be desired and now it seems an outbreak of the virus took place in NXT.

It was said that prior to the outbreak, the strict mask policies which were introduced after Kevin Owens requested it became relaxed. The total number of infected workers has not been disclosed. According to Jon Alba who confirmed with Sean Ross Sapp, several people have been infected and has caused a “decent effect on creative.”

It was also said that workers were tested positive for the coronavirus as recently as last weekend. The belief is that a Performance Center coach is the one who spread the virus.

Multiple sources: there was a COVID-19 outbreak within #NXT recently. Working on the details, but sources indicate it may have had a decent effect on creative

I’m working on confirming more details, but @SeanRossSapp has verified what I heard, quite literally as I hit “tweet.” He indicates several PC classes were canceled, and the outbreak happened over the past couple of weeks.

Source indicates some have gotten relaxed with mask wearing, especially in spots where some people congregate and there was concern over that. Am told people were still testing positive as recently as this weekend, with the belief being a coach accidentally spread it

WWE’s handling of the COVID-19 situation has been criticized in the past and they have to implement a stricter guideline in order to avoid another outbreak of this magnitude.


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