How Many COVID-19 Cases In WWE?, Tessa Blanchard’s Return, Matt Riddle Surging Despite Allegations, Orton’s Future

How bad is COVID-19 in WWE right now? They have been taping for months at the Performance Center, which seems right in the middle of a “hot spot” area?

COVID-19 continues to impact WWE, just like it does every single part of society, regardless of where one lives. When reports surfaced a couple of weeks ago there were 20-30 positive cases in the company, I was told the number was closer to 50 positive cases. However, I do not know if the number I was given was based on cases overall or active cases. Names of individuals who test positive are not released to protect their private health information. Renee Young is one of the most high-profile WWE names to contract the virus as she recently recovered. However, Young was by far the only person infected. Luckily, I do not know of anyone in WWE getting severely ill with the virus.

Is there any chance we see Tessa Blanchard in WWE?

I have heard multiple things about Tessa Blanchard since she was released from Impact Wrestling. WWE would love to have her. She is viewed as one of the most talented in the business and WWE would like to sign some more female talent, even during the pandemic. I’m told the reasoning behind this is Vince McMahon does not like all of the sexual misconduct and negative stories that have come out so his thinking is he can sign some talent to help negate the bad press. The problem with Blanchard is she has a history, including accusations of using a racial slur against a colleague in 2017. I also spoke with someone who has worked with Blanchard who labeled her as “impossible” to work with. Some people believe she will get her shot with WWE, especially now that her profile has been raised following her world title reigns. However, others are skeptical because of her attitude issues along with the PR problems signing her would cause.

Why have sexual assault allegations not impacted Matt Riddle?

Matt Riddle vehemently denies the sexual assault allegations made against him by Candy Cartwright. In a new interview posted by TMZ Sports, Riddle said the story of him forcing Cartwright to perform a sex act on him was a “fabricated story” because she was upset he broke off an affair between the two. He claimed she wanted to continue the affair after he broke things off and now that she did not get her way, she is trying to ruin his career. As for the WWE side of this, they have been closely monitoring the situation. Issues involving sexual assault are very serious and always warrant an investigation. WWE has an obligation to their fans and their workers to do so. However, they have to make sure they listen to both sides of the story. For now, it’s full steam ahead for Riddle with company officials high up on him. I am expecting him to have a prominent role at SummerSlam, barring a change.

What do you make of Randy Orton’s most recent work?

Randy Orton has rejuvenated his career with a fantastic 2020 so far. Orton is best booked as a heel and his work since the build up to WrestleMania 36 has been must-see TV. Randy gets a lot of heat and some of it is well deserved. He is not the most personable person, he was very immature in the early days of his career (with backstage incidents I STILL do not feel comfortable writing about) but I truly believe he will go down as one of the greatest of all time. Sometimes instead of constantly criticizing a guy because of their past, we should try to give an honest evaluation of their work so we do not miss something special. What we are seeing with Orton now is on par with runs like we have seen out of greats such as Ric Flair.

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