Darby Allin On His Comparisons To Sting

Early on in his WCW career, Sting took a long hiatus from WCW television as he dropped the Surfer Sting character. He returned as the Crow-inspired version of Sting, which fans love even now. Darby Allin has been compared to several wrestlers and that includes the Crow version of Sting.

Allin spoke to TV Insider, where he discussed the comparisons made between him and  Sting’s darker character. He explained where the concept of his face paint has come from and that simply he has always been a fan of the goth aesthetic as a whole. While he is flattered by being compared to Sting, he did not do it intentionally.

“My face paint just comes from my real life. That’s not really a character thing I try to rip off of anybody. I’ve always just liked the dark stuff. I’ve always been a fan of the gothic aesthetic. Just weird stuff. I’m flattered by  [the comparison], it’s cool, but it’s definitely not what I’m thinking about while I’m doing it.”


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