David Marquez Offends People Defending Jim Cornette Joke

David Marquez of the National Wrestling Alliance drew criticism for the following tweet:

After the backlash, he issued the following:

“Late last night, I posted comments after watching Saturday Night Live. Those opinions are mine and mine alone. They don’t reflect the company I run, the tv show I appear on nor are they endorsed by any of the talent, staff or management.

I understand some were offended but I promise I was only thinking out loud and not taking a position. As a child of 70s Reagan California and 80s Reagan America, I was looking at different standards for behavior today.

What was ignited was the kind of discourse that I hope can lead to further discussion and hopefully change. I would hope conversations like this can help each of us learn more about issues that are obviously still so raw.

If I still owe any of you an apology privately, I am sincere and humbled to offer one.

David Marquez”


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