Doc Gallows On How The Good Brothers Joined Impact Wrestling After WWE Release

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson were released by WWE earlier in the year. They eventually went on to sign with Impact Wrestling.

Doc Gallows was recently interviewed by The Guerrilla Position, where he discussed their journey to Impact Wrestling. Many fans expected the two to go to AEW as they had the option to, but they surprised fans when they appeared at Slammivesary.

He revealed that they went to Impact Wrestling due to having history there and Scott D’Amore.

“Well I’ve said this publicly and I’ll say this forever Scott D’Amore and a lot of the guys at Impact but Scott in particular. Karl and I had a long history with him, Scott was actually my agent when I was coming into New Japan, it was a combination of Scott and Karl when I was leaving TNA that got me over there. The relationship with Scott and Karl goes back further when he was training in Cincinnati Ohio.”

He then said that following their release, they were motivated to make the move as there was a lot that they could do in the company, which they were not able to do in WWE.

“I had big motivation once the release happened. There were a lot of things that we wanted to do Machine Gun(Karl Anderson ) and myself that we wouldn’t have been able to do under that umbrella(WWE). We fully enter the alcohol business, we have our own podcast, our own cartoon. I’m running my own wrestling promotion and we’re putting the shows on Impact Plus. Impact Wrestling was a natural fit.”


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