Does Cody Rhodes Blame Vince McMahon For Failed WWE Gimmick?

Cody Rhodes doesn’t blame Vince McMahon for his Stardust gimmick in WWE.

In a reply to a fan who tweeted, “Same reason why Stardust was such a bad idea… Hard to believe Vince – being a Jr himself – didn’t get that.”

Cody tweeted, “I don’t really blame him more than I blame myself. I worked hard, but at the time…not hard enough. To go from undesirable to undeniable took a lot sacrifices, reality checks, & most importantly I had to do the damn work. I don’t want to be anything less than the guy at the top.”

The Stardust gimmick was apparently created based on an idea from Stephanie McMahon. Cody is on record as to crediting the gimmick for one of the reasons he decided to leave WWE.

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