Drew Gulak Reportedly Gone From WWE

Drew Gulak’s profile on WWE.com was moved to the Alumni section on Saturday, leading to speculation that he had been released.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that sources have confirmed Gulak has been released from his contract, but not much is known beyond that.

Meanwhile, PWInsider reports that Gulak’s contract expired following SmackDown, and a new contract had not been signed despite the two sides recently negotiating.

Gulak is a former Cruiserweight Champion and was featured on Friday’s SmackDown in a losing effort against Daniel Bryan in the Intercontinental Championship tournament. He signed with the company in 2016 after taking part in the Cruiserweight Classic.

Stay tuned for the latest updates.


2 responses to “Drew Gulak Reportedly Gone From WWE”

  1. […] reported here by CJ Blaze yesterday, Drew Gulak is no longer with WWE. More details have become known following this. His […]

  2. […] As noted, Gulak’s contract seemingly expired after the May 15th edition of SmackDown. The following day, his profile was moved to the Alumni section with reports stating the former Cruiserweight Champion was gone from the company, though there was a chance of an imminent return. […]

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