Drew McIntyre On Randy Orton Misbehaving Backstage In WWE

Drew McIntyre will be defending his WWE Championship against Randy Orton at WWE Hell In A Cell on October 25th. They will be facing off in a Hell In A Cell match.

Metro UK recently spoke to Drew McIntyre, where among other topics of discussion, Randy Orton’s issues in the past were brought up. Orton is not afraid to talk about how he was problematic early on in his career. He also mentioned this in his promos during the buildup to his current feud with McIntyre.

McIntyre said he heard many stories of how Orton used to behave, but he never saw Orton at his worst himself. However, there is still truth to the story that Orton managed to get away scot-free from his actions.

“I was obviously aware of it. I didn’t get jealous, I never had that mentality but it was interesting to hear. I never saw it at the worst, I guess – I heard the stories from the people that were there. I saw enough that I spoke about during the promos live on television. There’s a lot of truth to this story, and the things that Randy got away with. He says himself, he should have been fired a lot of times. The truth is, he was so good, so talented and had so much potential, that’s why he got away with murder,”


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