Dustin Rhodes On Giving His Best Performance For Fans

Ever since Dustin Rhodes made his way to AEW, he has been part of many memorable matches and segments for the promotion. His career has been undergoing a resurgence since he joined the promotion.

Rhodes spoke to Wrestle Zone, where he went into detail regarding his passion for the world of professional wrestling. He revealed that he makes sure to work hard every day so that he stays in shape. He does not compete in the ring without making sure he is prepared.

He admitted there was a time where he would not have cared as much, but that is in the past now as he is far more focused. He is also not afraid to tell someone to work harder if they are seen not giving it their all.

“I’m gonna make that clear right now, as much as sometimes I can get barely get out of bed or whatever, it’s a lot of ice, a lot of therapy a lot of rehabbing my knees and things to keep me going every week and do it because I love to do it and I love to do it for the fans because the fans deserve our wrestling, the very best that we can give so I will never go out there and do something half-assed and I don’t believe that I have too many times in my career.”

“Maybe in my drug-induced years I might have not given a shit, but it just does not happen. My work ethic is so out there and up there man, it’s strong. If I don’t see somebody working as hard I’m gonna say something, you know? It’s what they need to do.”

Rhodes is also a coach in AEW and continues to use his experience in the business to train the newer generation of talents in the company.


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