EC3 Reveals WWE Stole RAW Underground Idea From Him

WWE nixed RAW Underground segments for now. It was done in order to prevent another COVID-19 outbreak in the company.

EC3 recently spoke on the ROHStrong Podcast where RAW Underground was brought up in the conversation. He revealed that he thought of the idea and WWE changed it into something he did not mean it to b.

EC3 compared the entire experience with Wayne’s World, explaining how WWE stole his idea and put it into a “manufactured, heartless, desolate studio.” Here is what he said:

I knew it was going to be stolen, so I was prepared for it. I didn’t know it’d go to that length, and I know mine played to a minor bubble of the professional wrestling audience while majority of it saw whatever the hell they put out there. The way I look at it is kind of like I was Wayne’s World. I was producing this show in Aurora, my basement with my buddy Garth. We’ll call him J.C. in this instance, and then Rob Lowe came in, bought us and when I saw Shane McMahon in the ring, not in a real underground, mine was a real underground.

[This] manufactured, heartless, desolate studio, I’m looking at Shane and it felt like when Noah was wrapping on Wayne’s World after they bought him out. It was just inauthentic and like I said, it had no heart. So I knew something would’ve been taken from it. I didn’t expect the whole aesthetic, and while it upset my friend, J.C. who I worked very hard on with it, at the same time, it’s just a challenge to do something different, better next time which I definitely plan on doing because again, control your narrative, again, Ring of Honor provides freedom. I’m not tied to doing just that. There’s things I want to do in the future and continue that narrative as sort of supplemental content to whatever other places I’m doing things in and I have bold, ambitious views for it. We’ll see if it works out, I think it will.

Other reports suggested that WWE took the idea from Detroit-area indie ground called Sanctuary Fight Club, where they literally use “Welcome to the Underground” as their slogan.

EC3 is currently working in Impact Wrestling and recently made an appearance in Ring Of Honor as well.


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