Edge Ignored Elbow Pain Prior To Randy Orton Match, Knew Injury Was Serious

Edge recently did an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote his new movie “Money Plane.” In it, he shed some light on his torn triceps injury and the recovery to it.

The Rated R Superstar admitted to having elbow pain for a month prior to the match but thought it was just normal “aches and pains” from pre-existing bone chips. However, as soon as he took an RKO from Randy Orton, he knew something had gone terribly wrong.

“It’s OK. You know, I look at injuries and ask myself, ‘How was it compared to the Achilles tear?’ [laughs]. Compared to the Achilles tear, it was nothing,” Edge explained. “There was surgery, but I know the drill. I know what I have to do, and I know you have to baby it for the first month, then I can start putting the nose to the grindstone. I can still do exercises for the rest of my body, which is good, so it’s just being careful.

It’s a learning experience, too. The doctor that did the surgery said that there was a good chance my tricep was already partially torn going into the match, so I look it as a learning experience. My elbow was sore for probably a month, but I thought it was one of those regular aches and pains. I have a bunch of floating chips in my elbow, so I told myself, ‘Of course it’s going to hurt.’ This is a reminder that I need to listen to those things. At 46 years old, my body is trying to tell me something’s up. Now I have that knowledge going forward if something’s aching.”

Edge re-lived getting nauseous and breaking out in a cold sweat when the injury happened.

“I knew. I took an RKO, and I felt a little nauseous and I got a cold sweat—not a hot sweat,” said Edge. “That’s generally when you know you’ve popped something. It wasn’t all that painful in comparison to my neck pain over the years or compared to tearing both pecs or tearing my Achilles. I just thought, ‘I might have torn it a little bit,’ and then I found out I tore it completely off the bone. I gauge everything to the pain of tearing my Achilles, so not a lot can compare.”

You can read the complete interview at this link.


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