Enzo Amore Addresses WWE Return Rumors

Enzo Amore accused WWE of starting the rumor he was returning to the company.

“That report definitely came from them [WWE]. I didn’t start any rumors. Let’s just be clear about that,” Enzo told Hannibal TV h/t Fightful.com. “I do have confirmation that it was not obviously me, it was somebody in their organization. My phone has been ringing. I’m not saying it’s WWE. I’m not saying it’s the other organizations. I’m just saying, I’m a free agent in the pro wrestling world.”

“You can have to understand the gratitude for the opportunity I was given. When you join the mob, you don’t talk about the mob,” he said. “You continue to appreciate the time you had, but at the same time, move on. Know exactly what it is that you brought to the table, believe in yourself, stay confident, stay inspired, and take the opportunities they give you and create your own platform. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get out here and still meet fans. The bottom line is, I am my own brand. When you have a million-plus followers on social media, you have the ability to book yourself, bring yourself in and out of situations, make music, get endorsement deals. You should treat yourself as a brand. I’m my own brand. If I show up to your pay-per-view and I trend number one in the world and all I had to do was pay $2,5000 to buy a ticket and parlay that into an opportunity at Madison Square Garden, where I jump a guardrail and we trend again number one in the world, that’s just taking advantage of opportunity. At the same time, while being gracious, also saying ‘I’m not gonna be bullied.’ I’m not gonna stand here and let you throw dirt on my name or make it so you can’t type my name in on WWE Network and I don’t pop up anymore. I did nothing wrong. The world knows it. Police report says it. You fired me based on a tweet. Here’s me firing back. I’m not gonna sit down and be no bitch about my brand and what it is I bring to the table as a pro wrestler. At the same time, I’ll play the game. It’s pro wrestling. It’s a work.”

We have the interview embedded in the video above.


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