Enzo Amore On WWE Return Rumors – Says He Doesn’t Want To Go Back

We reported earlier here on WrestlePages.com via Dave Meltzer that WWE officials have had talks with Enzo Amore and Big Cass about a return to NXT as top stars.

Enzo Amore recently addressed the rumors head-on in an interview with WrestlingINC.com:

“I could never see myself working a schedule like that anytime soon. I mean, you just never say never with anything, so, I just know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. All is forgiven in time. I find that – and that goes on both sides of the coin because I worked for the company where at one point, I got fired and was upset… In that moment, I’m so angered,” Enzo remembered. “But then you look at it and you understand the significance of the timing of the situation and you have time to let that burn off.

“Man, I don’t hold any grudges. Do I want to go back there? Absolutely, not right now. I am enjoying so much of what I am doing so quickly, of being in these locker rooms and meeting these guys, that I can’t imagine going back to a world where I’m on the road 300 days, over 250-280 matches a year.”

We’ve got the interview embedded above.

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