Eric Bischoff Questions Andrew Yang’s Intentions For Unionizing WWE Superstars

The unionization of WWE Superstars has been an important topic of discussion for awhile now. Zelina Vega’s release by WWE simply aggravated the situation and increased discussions. Andrew Yang has been quite involved in the fight for unionization of WWE Superstars.

During the ‘Everything Is Wrestling’ show, Eric Bischoff revealed his thoughts about WWE Superstars unionizing. He mentioned former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang and how he is at the forefront of the fight. He questions Yang’s motives and he thinks that Yang could be doing all this simply to get garner attention and support for himself.

“And if you’re a politician and I have not a very high regard for most politicians, I’ll tell you that, on either side. I’m just not a big fan. I think they’re right just ahead — I’m not even gonna say it. It’s too impactful… pimps and wh*res come to mind. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. But if anybody doesn’t think that Andrew Yang is going to jump way out in front of this issue and give it a lot of visibility and noise, simply because it’ll give him a lot of audience and a lot of support, you’re sadly mistaken so I think it’s gonna become a hot issue. That’s my prediction.”


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