Eric Bischoff Says NWA Should Not Have Returned

Billy Corgan did his best and managed to get the rights to the NWA. They had to stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the promotion has started making content once again. They do not intend on stopping anytime soon.

On 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed Billy Corgan bringing back the NWA. According to Bischoff, it was a mistake for Corgan to bring back the NWA. Back during the WCW days, there was a mix-up regarding NWA involving itself with WCW.

“It was such a cluster f*ck. Certain people felt strongly that the NWA had value. I was not one of them, partly because I just had no exposure to it. NWA was not on my radar. It didn’t exist in my mind. I didn’t understand it – why people were so desperate to hold onto this craziness. There was such a cloud over the intellectual property surrounding that belt, and there still is.”

“The whole NWA– sorry Billy Corgan, Nick Aldis. Nick, I love you. Billy, I wish you nothing but the best, but this whole resurrect the NWA thing was a mistake just because that NWA title has been drugged through the sewage for so many years. This was WCW right in the middle of it. I didn’t understand it then. It was such a cluster.”


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