Eric Bischoff Says WWE Superstars Unionizing Can Have Repercussions

WWE issued a mandate that prevented Superstars from utilizing third party sites such as Twitch to earn money. This led to some Superstars being in support of unionization. With Andrew Yang and others giving more emphasis on it, it could become a reality eventually.

Eric Bischoff stated that unionization seems to be a “silver bullet” that will remedy the situation. On his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff said that unionizing WWE Superstars might have some negative repercussions as it can create a lot of evils.

There is no statute of limitations on back taxes. Can you imagine the fines and the penalties that could possibly exist if the independent contractor status of WWE is challenged? And WWE has to go back the last 20 or 30 years based on the number of talent fees that they paid out and have to go back and pay social security and all kinds of other taxes and fines associated with it? And then comes the civil litigation. ‘Yeah, unionization sounds so great, and it’s like this silver bullet that cures all evils’ – but it’s really not, it can create a lot of evils and it can ultimately come back and put talent at a much greater disadvantage.”


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