Eric Bischoff Voices Concern Over WWE Using Live Crowds Again

WWE left the Performance Center and made their way to the Amway Center and their ThunderDome. The company has since produced content in the ThunderDome, which fans certainly have appreciated. However, it seems the company will be exiting the Amway Center after October in order to have actual live crowds in attendance again.

On 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed WWE leaving the ThunderDome. He is concerned that live fans will not be able to provide the same level of energy which was possible in the  ThunderDome. He said that due to social distancing and everyone having to wear a mask, the same energy will be not there in an outdoor venue.

It is likely WWE will not have to worry much regarding masks for the live crowd if they move to Florida. Due to the phase three reopening plan by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, no fines will be incurred if one does not wear a mask.


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