Excalibur And Kevin Owens Shown Using Racial Slurs At Old PWG Show

Excalibur traveled to last night’s AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville, Florida but was held off the show.

There is still no reason as to why he was replaced by Taz and his absence was not acknowledged on the broadcast. Many fans have pointed to a video trending Twitter that shows Excalibur and WWE superstar Kevin Owens using racial slurs at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show in the 2000s. The video has been in circulation for years but picked up steam recently.

In the video, Excalibur asks Super Dragon if he feels comfortable replacing them with the men in the ring, who he describes with racial slurs. Owens gets on the mic and emphasizes one of the slurs used to Human Tornado. Owens’ line was actually one used by Steve Austin in The Longest Yard, where Austin played a racist police officer.

So far, none of the parties have commented on the video. There have also not been any statements from WWE or AEW.


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