Exclusive: WWE Looking To Hold SummerSlam In AEW’s Backyard

While WWE’s search for an outdoor venue for this year’s SummerSlam continues and there have been rumors of locations in the Northeast, one of the potential locations is actually in Florida.

One of the more interesting locations WWE is in talks with to host SummerSlam is Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville.

Metropolitan Park is a large city owned park just a short walk from the stadium where the Jacksonville Jaguars play. The Jacksonville Jaguars of course are owned by the Khan family, who own All Elite Wrestling.

The Khan family for years has tried to convince the city of Jacksonville to close Metropolitan Park as it blocks a path needed for the port and shipyard the Khans desire.

Metropolitan Park has hosted a few music festivals, but SummerSlam would be the largest event ever held there, right across from where AEW has held events. So not only would SummerSlam potentially be in AEW’s backyard, but WWE would be helping the city continue to justify the need for Metropolitan Park, despite it blocking the Khans major development plans.