Extreme Rules: Wyatt Swamp Fight

Wyatt Swamp Fight
– WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman

This started with Bray Wyatt in a rocking chair, while Braun Strowman drove up in his truck. Strowman told Wyatt he was home and then Strowman went searching for Bray. Flashes of animals were shown on the screen. Strowman was attacked by two henchmen, as they cut toe a Firefly Funhouse segment featuring a cheerleader bit.

The next thing we see, Strowman is chained up and Wyatt’s old entrance theme is shown and he’s holding a lantern. Wyatt tells Strowman he is like him, Strowman said he is not.

A woman in a veil stood on a dock and called to Strowman, saying he had to do this. It was Alexa Bliss. Images showed them together from past shows. Wyatt hit Strowman with an oar. Strowman came out of the water only to get beat up more by Wyatt who said, “Look what you made me do” and “I didn’t want this.”


Strowman kicked Wyatt, who tried attacking him with a weapon. Wyatt used the Mandible Claw to pull Strowman into the water. Wyatt appears to come back up but is pulled back under and the water goes calm. The water then turns red and starts bubbling. Wyatt’s “The Fiend” character returns, staring straight at the camera. The show goes off the air with The Fiend saying, “Let me in!”


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