False Story About AEW Ticket Sales Circulating From WWE

There is an interesting rumor currently making rounds that AEW co-founder Tony Khan bought all of the tickets for the AEW shows that sold out quickly on the first day in order to make the product appear hot.

This was a story told to a film director doing an international documentary on pro wrestling where he attempted to interview journalists Dave Meltzer and Fumi Saito. Meltzer claims he blocked the director prior to doing an interview for the documentary because he was asked about it.

What the director was told was apparently conveyed to him by people currently employed by WWE that he was interviewing for his project. The tickets were not bought by Khan and AEW did legitimately sellout the shows in question.

Like most rumors, it’s unknown how it originated. Either it was being propagated from within some of the WWE talent or told to some of the talent in order to get it to spread.

Either way, AEW ticket sales have been above market for most cities. Tickets for this week’s episode of Dynamite in Miami have done well. The promotion’s upcoming Revolution pay-per-view in Chicago next month sold out on the first day.


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