Finn Balor Where He Was 5 Years Ago, Only Confirmed Retribution Member, Miro To AEW Hurts Impact, Khan As AEW’s Leader

What are your thoughts on Finn Balor winning the WWE NXT Championship?

I was all for it. Adam Cole had a lengthy run and it was time for someone else. Balor had a lengthy run as NXT Champion himself but that was five years ago. He just never “took off” on the main roster like I thought he would but is a perfect talent to help and move the NXT brand forward. The tragedy in this is I thought when I returned to the business Balor would be one of WWE’s top guys. He is still a top NXT guy but for whatever reason, he cannot get Vince McMahon to fully embrace him.

Is Mojo Rawley going to be part of the Retribution faction?

According to various reports, Mojo Rawley and Mia Yim were used as members of Retribution this week on Raw. Like we have talked about in Ask WNC previously, some of the talent used for the faction will not actually be who will be part of it when members are revealed. The one member we can tell you who will be part of the faction is Dominik Dijakovic. He cut the second promo on this week’s Raw.

What is the reaction to Miro, formerly Rusev, debuting for AEW?

Cody revealed in an interview back in July that Miro was an AEW target. At the time, Miro was telling people he was finished with professional wrestling but literally no one bought it. Impact Wrestling is hurt in this as they had made signing the former WWE Superstar a top priority. Terms of his deal with AEW have not been disclosed but Impact was offering a six figure guarantee for far fewer dates than what he was working for WWE.

Is Tony Khan in over his head with AEW?

Tony Khan is exactly what this business needs. He is smart, he has respect for the business and he’s young. Khan embraces the wrestling media, listens to fans and is truly committed to AEW as a promotion. I understand there are people who do not like him and it is fine to have an opinion but I believe Khan is much more in touch with what wrestling fans want in 2020. He has done a great job in bridging the dream of a few to create one of the top wrestling promotion’s in the world.  No, he is no in over his head.

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