Full Details On Matt Riddle Suing Sexual Assault Accuser

WWE Superstar Matt Riddle is suing Candy Cartwright, whose real name Samantha Travel. Cartwright accused Riddle of sexual assault.

Riddle sought a cyberstalking injunction against Cartwright in July. His legal team sent out a statement late last week stating the Court found probable cause for the matter to be heard. However, the matter was dropped when it was determined Cartwright had “moved on.”

On Thursday, Riddle filed a civil suit against Cartwright, alleging she has continued to make false and defamatory statements that he sexually assaulted her. Cartwright’s attorney has released a counter statement.

Below are statements from both parties:

Statement from Matt Riddle’s Attorney:

On July 14, 2020, our client Matthew Riddle only sought a cyberstalking injunction against Samantha Tavel. The Court set it for hearing as they found probable cause for the matter to be heard. It was represented to our client and our firm that Ms. Tavel had moved on with her life and our client would no longer need to continue with the cyberstalking injunction.

Our client then dismissed the cyberstalking injunction (without prejudice) which left all of his legal remedies open and allowed for closure. Today, our client elected to file a civil suit against Ms. Tavel for her continued false and defamatory statements that our client sexually assaulted her. No further statements will be made on social media on this matter at this time.”

Statement from Candy Cartwright’s (Samantha Tavel) Attorney:

ORANGE COUNTY, FL – Wrestler Samantha Tavel, represented by her attorney Allison S. Lovelady of Shullman Fugate PLLC, today responded to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Matthew Riddle dismissing the claims he filed against her after she spoke out about being sexually assaulted by him. Riddle dismissed the injunction earlier this month, days before it was set to go to trial.

This June, Tavel came forward on Twitter to describe being sexually assaulted by Riddle in May of 2018. She was one of dozens of women who joined the #SpeakingOut movement on social media to draw attention to the culture of sexual harassment, abuse and misogyny at all levels of pro-wrestling.

Thereafter, Riddle filed a petition for injunction that included false accusations, including that Tavel attended an event in Orlando, Florida where Riddle was present, although she was not even in the state at the time. Riddle’s attorney, Daniel J. Rose, also posted a press release regarding the injunction on Twitter, which resulted in online harassment and retaliation against Tavel.

Tavel has also lost employment, including an opportunity to work with the WWE, and has struggled to find work since. Riddle continues to work for the WWE as a featured performer, and has even alluded to the allegations in his act.

“I’m relieved that these claims were dismissed, but the damage to my reputation and career remains. I came forward to prevent this from happening to other women, and will continue to fight for justice,” said Tavel. “It’s not easy to see my name smeared on social media or wake up to hate messages and threats. But I am speaking up because I was inspired by the brave women who came before me. My hope is that other victims of sexual violence feel empowered to share the truth about their experiences as I have done and will continue to do.”

Tavel is supported by the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund (TULDF). With support from TULDF, Tavel and her attorney were able to aggressively push back on the claims, resulting in their dismissal.


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