Further Details On Jeff Hardy’s Arrest

Jeff Hardy is once again in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, on Thursday, October 3rd, Hardy was arrested in Moore County, NC and charged with “Driving While Impaired.” Hardy was released from custody at about 11:30pm. Officials didn’t release further information due to this being pending litigation and they are still investigating. This is far from the first time for Hardy having legal issues involving drugs and alcohol.

In July, Hardy was arrested and charged with “Public Intoxication” in Myrtle Beach, SC. When asked for comment, WWE simply stated, “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.” Hardy is scheduled to appear in a ringside Fest event on November 3rd in New York City, but we are unsure how this will impact that scheduled appearance.

Hardy is scheduled to appear on November 7th to respond to the charges in court in Moore County, NC. In addition, Hardy has had his license revoked for 30 days while awaiting trial. This story is just now breaking and we will be following and updating as more information becomes known. We can only hope that Hardy gets the help he needs to stop this downward spiral.


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