Future Plans For WWE Star, Titles Devalued On Raw, Why AEW Doesn’t Need Other Promotions, Eva Marie’s Return

What is Mickie James’ future in WWE after not being drafted?

Mickie James is still with WWE and will apparently remain on the Raw roster following the 2020 WWE Draft. At this point in her career, Mickie is there to help work with up and coming talent and still has something to offer in the ring.

Is there any chance AEW would begin running jointly promoted shows with a promotion such as NJPW?

Cody Rhodes recently addressed this, which downplays any official working agreement with NJPW. AEW is a company with significant financial backing and do not need to run jointly promoted shows. They do have open relationships with NJPW, the NWA and of course independent promotions. I believe Cody when he says we will never see a full-scale jointly promoted show with AEW and another promotion. AEW has what NJPW desires, a TV deal in the United States. AEW holds the power in the United States because they have a coveted television deal.

What did you think of The New Day and The Street Profits switching titles on Raw?

I absolutely hated it. Each champion just handed over their titles so they could have the one consistent for their brand. I will always operate under the philosophy titles should be held in high regard. This is established by long and meaningful title runs, no non-title matches and certainly no matches where the champions are pinned without the title(s) being on the line. Just handing it over to get the one with “your brand,” makes it looks like titles are interchangeable. WWE should have planned it out where the champions are not moved in the draft for the sake of consistency and logic.

What role do you believe we will see with Eva Marie in WWE?

Eva Marie is rumored to be returning to WWE. Her role is not known, so I do not know if we will see her in the ring. Eva developed a fanbase through Total Divas and she got over in NXT by being the talent that “couldn’t work.” WWE could have taken to the moon if they wanted but they did not do it. She is expected back soon and is believed to have already signed a deal.

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